Current Skincare Routine – October 2016

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Skincare is arguably a very important part of your makeup application. The nicer the canvas, the nicer the end result. I have never been hugely into skincare- I’m still not. I have always had clear, acne free skin so I never saw a huge importance. What I do struggle with however, is red areas, and oily areas.

I thought it would be helpful to write a little mini review for each of the products I use. I only use three, but here they are.

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fresh. – Soy Face Cleanser

This bad boy retails for $47 CAD and includes 150mL of product. It’s available at Sephora. Not the most expensive cleanser on the market, but pretty pricey nonetheless. Some notable ingredients include rosewater, cucumber extract and borage seed oil.

I use this first in my routine, to remove any excess facial makeup that may be lingering and do an overall clean. The scent is very lightweight and natural, I can personally really pick up on the rosewater. When you squeeze it onto your hands, it’s almost a slimy consistency but once rubbed into your face it creates a bit of foam. A little goes a long way with this, however in the last year or so I’ve torn through three of the smaller sized tubes (50mL for $20 CAD).

I definitely recommend this for someone new to skincare, who doesn’t need anything fancy and likes natural products.

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First Aid Beauty – Facial Radiance Polish

The facial radiance polish is a fantastic exfoliator. It’s $31 CAD for 100mL of product and it’s available at Sephora. Something to keep in mind is one of the main ingredients being willow bark extract, which is a no-no for nursing moms (the same ingredient in aspirin that is advised against in pregnancy and while nursing). A few other ingredients of importance include shea nut shell powder and shea butter.

I use this after my cleanser if I need a deep clean beyond what my cleanser offers me. This ends up being about once or twice a week. I’ve only had to purchase one of these in the last year or so, which is really nice! This has a very natural scent like the cleanser, but it is more musky and woodsy than the fresh cleanser. It’s an orange colour with brown exfoliating flecks (I think that’s the shea nut shell powder!).

LUSH – Gorgeous Moisturizer 

Gorgeous is a fairly expensive moisturizer- $87.95 for 45grams of product. It’s available at LUSH. There are a lot of pressed oils which account for the price. Some ingredients of importance are orange blossom honey (that makes the beautiful scent!), fresh pineapple juice and cold pressed organic evening primrose oil.

The story behind this moisturizer is that it was originally created for Princess Diana! It’s been formulated to be compatible with all skin types. A little really does go a long way with this. I dip the pad of my finger into the top layer of the moisturizer and dab it onto my face. Then I rub it in using upwards circular motions. I’ve had this for about a year now and I’ve barely made a dent in the (tiny) jar! I use Gorgeous after I’ve cleaned my face and before I put on my makeup.

What’s the best product in your skincare arsenal? Leave a comment and let me know!


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