Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits: Swatches and Review! (Mary Jo K, Love Bite, Dolce K and King K)


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Kylie Cosmetic Lip Kits. Some people love them and some people hate them! I purchased three Lip Kits and one Metallic shade to try out. Normally I would have only purchased one to try out the formula, but shipping to Canada can be pricey. All together I paid around $200CAD for these, because I got a bonus charge of $30 when they arrived! Darn HST.

I purchased the shades (from left to right) Mary Jo K, King K, Love Bite and Dolce K. King K is the metallic shade. These can be purchased from Kylie Cosmetics. The lip kits are $29 USD and the metals are $18 USD. International shipping was $14.95 USD, and these took about 3 weeks to arrive.

The liquid lipsticks are 0.11 fluid oz and the lipliners are .03 oz, which is a pretty standard size.

The packaging is quite heavy, in a good way. They feel full (and are- I checked each of them!) They are glossy and the drips are very cute. Each one has Kylie’s signature as the feature and the colour names are on stickers on the bottom.



Mary Jo K was the least opaque for me. I needed two coats to get full coverage on my wrist swatch, but I’m sure you could get away with one coat if you fully lined your lips before applying it. The first thing I noticed was the smell! It is SO sweet smelling. I had heard that they smelled like cupcakes, but I didn’t realize how strong they would be! When they dried down, they still had a light sugary scent which I thought was nice. If you have a strong aversion to scents, this might be something to keep in mind when deciding to purchase them! This colour is described as a “true blue red”, which I would have to agree with. This shade dried down quickly for me. Swatches of all the liquid lipsticks and liners will be at the end of this post!


dolce k 1.jpg


Dolce K is perhaps one of the more popular shades by Kylie. Many people attribute the popularity of nude-brown lipsticks to Kylie Jenner (owner of Kylie Cosmetics). This shade is darker than I thought (darker than the matching lipliner as well), but very pretty and probably just dark because I’m light. Dolce K is described as a “deep beige nude” which is accurate. The scent is the same however this shade is much more pigmented than Mary Jo K and only needed one coat when swatched to have full opacity.




Love Bite is described as a “rich plum brown”. I think that Love Bite looks more purple than brown on most if not all skin shades. For me, this definitely looks like a dark dusty lavender, and I love it for fall. This shade is also very opaque and the lip liner matches it nicely.




King K is the only metal I purchased, and it is described as a “soft metallic gold”, but there is definitely a brown hue against my skin tone. This colour doesn’t have as strong of a scent as the others which is very nice. I applied this to my lips using Kylie’s Dolce K Lipliner and loved how it looked, especially for fall, but it is VERY metallic and probably not for a beginner unless you’re very open to bold looks.


The key difference between the Matte and Metal liquid lipsticks is the applicator wand. The wand is a typical small doe foot on the matte lipsticks, but the brush on the metal lipstick is smaller and fuzzier.



Here is the applicator on Love Bite versus King K. The metal applicator is fuzzier- maybe to pick up more product? I actually really liked the fuzzy applicator. I felt like it applied the product evenly to my lips and maybe even helped the pigmentation- King K is METALLIC!




The lipliners that come in the Lip Kits are fantastic! They are very creamy and pigmented. They are all the same size, however the lid on Dolce K is not on all the way which makes it look longer in the picture. The pencils are weighted nicely and are a beautiful matte black with silver lettering. Kylie’s signature is on each of them as well as the name, and they are all colour coded at the bottom to easily grab the shade you’re looking for.


kylie lipliners 1.jpg


These lipliners are creamy and apply to the lips nicely. They are all very pigmented to begin with but are buildable for a very bold colour payoff. They can be used to line the lips or fill them in- coming in the Lip Kits they are meant to be used with their coordinating colour. From left to right, pictures are Love Bite, Mary Jo K, and Dolce K.

Now for (arguably) the most important part, the swatches! Below are swatches of each liquid lipstick and lip liner.

kylie lip kits 3.jpg


From top to bottom, pictured is Dolce K, Dolce K Liner, King K, Love Bite Liner, Love Bite, Mary Jo K liner and Mary Jo K.

What are your favourite Kylie liquid lip colours?



Cosmetic Royalty


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