How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is super important. Different products can accumulate and bacteria can grow, which can cause a multitude of health issues like pink eye and clogged pores! Not only is it smart and safest to avoid these problems, but having clean brushes ensures that you only apply the colour you want and the true colour is able to shine.

Everyone has a different method for cleaning their brushes- how often, what products they use. I try to wash my brushes every two weeks if I have worn makeup a few times, or weekly if I’m wearing makeup every day. I go through phases.


I use the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove and the e.l.f Brush Shampoo. The glove can be purchased from the Sigma website for $39 USD. For the month of October, they are donating $1 per product sold in their ‘signature pink’ colour to Breast Cancer Research! I believe mine is in the purple shade and is no longer available, I’ve had it for a few years now. There is currently a pink colour and black.

The e.l.f Brush Shampoo is available online at the e.l.f website, or in stores where e.l.f is sold. It’s only $3 USD! The shampoo comes with 120mL of product.




It’s easy to tell when your brushes need to be washed. Mine, for example, have gone about two weeks since their last wash and desperately need it (that’s what I’m off to do next!). The white bristles have colour on them for product that is clearly visible, my eyeliner brushes are getting crunchy. Not only is this gross, but it can make for poorer makeup application!

I start out by putting the Brush Glove on my left hand because I’m right handed. There is a beautiful cloth sleeve inside that helps you stay dry. My favourite side of the glove to use is the side pictured above, but the other side does a great job cleaning as well.

I prefer using warm water, but I’m sure it doesn’t make a difference what temperature you use. I then squirt a bit of the Brush Shampoo onto the glove, take a brush or two and swirl it on the glove. It will start to foam (sometimes it turns really pretty colours!). I rise the brushes under water, rise the mitt off and use the sections provided on the glove (rise & refine) to fully clean my brushes. When the water is running clear, I set my brushes down on a clean towel to dry.

Has anyone tried the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat? I like that it sits in the sink and you’d be able to use both hands. I’m debating on if I should purchase it!




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