Indie Brand Interview: Pink Poison Cosmetics

Indie cosmetic brands are growing in popularity- especially on social media. On twitter and other platforms I have found a lot of indie brands that are up and coming. In my searches online, I’ve found that there is not a large voice for these small companies within the beauty blogging community. I’ve decided to start a series of interviews and some reviews of indie cosmetic and skincare brands.

The first brand that I have interviewed is Pink Poison Cosmetics, a BOMB (Black Owned Makeup Brand). Taylor is a 19 year old college student and she started her company in June of this year. She has gathered an active customer base and strives to provide for these customers. Her products include brush cleaners, lip plumpers, lip scrubs and bath bombs. I reached out to her and she gave a lovely interview discussing her brand and products.

Pink Poison Cosmetics Logo.jpg

[Cosmetic Royalty]: I see you have a pretty large (almost 13K) and active following on Twitter. How long have you been running Pink Poison Cosmetics?

[Pink Poison Cosmetics]: I’ve been running my company since June of this year. 

Wow! You’ve definitely done great for yourself so far. What sparked the idea to sell cosmetics?

Honestly, I woke up one day and said I could probably do this and did it. I’m shocked my company even took off like it did.

What has your most popular product been so far?

So far my most popular products are my brush cleaners, that’s really what shot me to where I am.


Pink Poison Cosmetics brush cleaners.jpg


I know that you’re currently out of stock but restocking October 15th, how often do you restock them?

I’m trying restock every friday from now on.

That’s great! I saw your fall collection on twitter. Your lip scrubs look amazing! Are all of the products you make vegan?

Yes all of them are vegan. I don’t think I’ll ever change that. 

What do your plans for the next while look like? Will you be expanding?

This summer hopefully I will expand and hire some people so I can keep all items in stock. 

Sounds like things are just going to keep moving forward, that’s great! Is there anything else about your company or products you’d like to share?

That we’re black owned and run by one college student. That’s really it.


So there you have it everyone! Some information about Taylor’s business, Pink Poison Cosmetics. Her products can be purchased at, and her prices range from $5-$30.

If you’re interested in updates, Taylor is very active on Twitter and Instagram.

Are you interested in a review? Let me know!


Cosmetic Royalty


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