Winter Skincare Routine

It’s the time of year when dry skin gets dryer. It’s also the second day of blogmas… but only my first post! I have queued posts for the next couple days though, they’re prescheduled to be posted. I’ll even try to make two posts today… promise!

I have normal skin (for the most part), but around my nose and my lips really suffer from the cold, dry weather. Skin care is so important in the winter! I used to skip over skincare- since I don’t have issues with acne or oily skin I always just assumed it was fine to ignore it. Hint: it’s not. Ever since developing a skincare routine that really works, I have noticed improvements with texture, hydration, and even my makeup application.




I start out by removing makeup will a cleansing water/micellar water. Right now I am using either Bioderma ($24.95 CAD), the Caudalie Micellar Water ($31 CAD), or the REN Cleansing Water ($31 CAD). I prefer Bioderma for the pricepoint and value. The other two that I use are 200mL bottles, and Bioderma is 500mL!




After the initial makeup removal, I go in with my cleanser. I wet my face first with warm water. I have been alternating between my REN Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser ($37 CAD), the Origins Frothy Face Wash, and my Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($47 CAD). The Origins cleanser was a deluxe sample but a little goes a long way- and the full size is only $26.50 CAD! The next step would be to exfoliate, however most exfoliators contain retinol or salicylic acid and as a breastfeeding mom, I can’t use those.


winter skincare routine.jpg


In my November Ipsy bag, I got a sample of a Serum from Hey Honey. It’s called the Good Morning Silk Facial Serum ($41 USD). I have been loving it! It had beautiful natural ingredients and sinks into my skin, leaving me with close to no residue. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this bad boy-although I’m in the market for a good Vitamin C serum as well.

The most daunting part of my skin care routine is probably my facial oil. Even if you have oily skin, you want to use this! Adding oil to your skin doesn’t only hydrate, but it signals your skin to stop producing more oil! I love my Tarte Maracuja Oil ($60 CAD)- the bottle will literally last years. I put two drops on my forehead and spread it around my face, focusing on the nose and forehead.

Finally, I finish off with my Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve moisturizer ($56 CAD). I feel that this sits the nicest underneath my makeup. Unfortunately, I am still on the hunt to find an eye cream that won’t feel heavy under my eyes- I was using my regular moisturizer in the meantime while I search, and oh man! If I have any moisturizer under my eyes left, my concealer gets the weirdest texture and I look like I’m dying.




Bonus- lip balm! Lip balm is so essential for me. I have dry, cracked lips which is so unfortunate. I stuck my lips to a pole when I was about 4 and yanked them off. I get a split down the middle every year. The lip hydration products I have really been enjoying over the past month or so is the Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm ($30 CAD), the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($29 CAD), the Fresh Sugar Lip Cream Treatment ($29 CAD) – I use this at night because it’s thicker! I also got a sample of the Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher ($16 USD). I’m thinking of picking up a full size of that bad boy as well!

Please keep your skin healthy this winter- if you do not already have a skincare routine, it’s time to make one! Take 5 minutes a day (or 10, morning and night is recommended) and pamper yourself- take care of your body, skin, and most importantly canvas.


Cosmetic Royalty


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