Ulta Birthday Gift – Nyx Palette Review

I don’t typically use drugstore products, however I’m very excited to talk about the Nyx Happy Birthday palette. This palette is the birthday gift from Ulta for being a member of their rewards program. They change the birthday gift quarterly, so this palette is the gift for people who have birthdays between July and September.

nyx happy birthday palette

This palette has a retail value of $18USD, so thats roughly $23CAD. A pretty great deal for a freebie! The packaging is nice, it feels sturdy, has a nice quality mirror and the lid snaps closed.

nyx happy birthday palette pans

The colours in this palette are actually quite beautiful. I don’t know that I’d be able to do any intricate looks with this palette alone, but theres definitely ways to do a few simple ones. In combination with other palettes, this one is actually quite beautiful and a nice addition to anyones collection. The powders have some kickback, but not in a way that would make them difficult to work with. The texture of the shadows is nice and not too chalky feeling.

nyx happy birthday palette swatches.jpg

There was one shade I was particularly impressed with: the matte in the centre of the bottom row. Its a beautiful terracotta clay brown, and it was amazingly formulated. The mattes are definitely the better quality shadows in this palette. I was highly disappointed that most of the shimmer shades (especially the light ones) look very similar when swatched. The green and red shimmers are more of a sheer wash of colour (which is fine), so be wary of that when you use them for the first time.

Overall it’s a free palette, so definitely get to Ulta if it’s convenient to pick it up. It looks like it’ll take a little extra effort to fully enjoy, but I’m okay with that!



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